Monday, September 24, 2007

Assignment 3: Site 3

For the final site I used the site that everyone at Brock University uses: WebCT. The site is well developed and has a simple layout for easy use.

Assignment 3: Site 2

For my second site, I used a very popular video site that everyone has heard off: Youtube. It has a fairly simple layout and is easy to use as well.

Assignment 3: Site 1

The first site I chose was one that I visit everyday without fail: The layout is actually quite complex but I find the site easy to use.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Assignment 3 Outline

Pick three websites that you like—each one must have a very different visual and user interface. Draw a map of the information structure and layout, being as detailed as possible. Post to your journal and WebCT by Sept. 24.

Resources are hyperlinked in course syllabus (in Course Content).

Project 1 Web Design

I really hate making web pages. I had to do it in Grade 9 and I sucked then as well.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Technology Chart

This chart is a basic illustration of the technology that is connected to my computer.

Last Media Tools

The last batch of media tools and technology are those that I use the most in everyday life. They are all connected to my computer with a few exceptions and they are probably considered the most basic. I attached a chart and some pictures of the basic technology.

Assignment Two continued.

With most technology, it's ability to work well is directly dependent on your knowledge and expertise with the specific machine or application. What I said before about a cell phone being straightforward was more of a sweeping generalization. For some people, a cell phone may be frustratingly complex or vice versa. Certainly no one will purchase a phone knowing every little function and detail about it. With a video game, it is very similar. A person needs to practice before they will be adept enough to play with ease. Another part of their skill relies on a person's reflexes and senses. Whether they are playing on the computer or on a TV, the user needs to be able to react in time to carry out their task. They need to make full use of their senses. Sight, sound, and touch. Taste and smell are not incorporated into video games so they are not used. One recommended skill is some form of fast reflexes which is a direct result of good hand-eye coordination. For games, frustration can easily come from simple lack of practice. In cases of computer applications, lack of knowledge can lead to frustration.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Frustrations with Everyday Tech

here are some pictures of the technology that I have interacted with in the last while. Some of these pictures were not easy to take due to the fact that i had to use one hand to manipulate the screen. Video games are especially difficult to catch. This game is fun but it can also be extremely frustrating. For example, if the user does not have a fairly good internet connection, then playing it online to its fullest is impossible. As well, if one has a barely acceptable connection with an average computer, even playing can be difficult. The computer will not be able to keep up with the visuals and commands and this will cause lag. Furthermore the lag will reduce the quality of the gameplay with skips and jumps in the time. The user may do something and the lag will cause the movement to go backwards because it was too much to process. Almost like hitting play then rewind over and over on a VCR or DVD Player. The other media tools, the cell phone etc. are straightforward and therefore not very frustrating for most people.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Assignment 2: Media Tools and Tech

For Assignment two we have to comment on Media tools and other tech we use in our everyday lives. There are a few that I use. In particular, though this cant really be called legitimate media tool, I use the website, I write recaps for certain TV shows. There, other people can read them if they missed the show on TV. I like this site because it helps people and it is maintained by its members. There are also forums for people to discuss things. It is also free which is handy. My cell phone can also be called a media tool for communication. There are also sites for video games or online games. An example would be the online game Halo.

Monday, September 10, 2007

IASC Course Thoughts

This is an interesting course that is great for people who like computers and I think that it will be a good learning experience on different types of media that aren't always widely used. New programs and tools are being made and in this course we can learn about them in a detailed way. I always want to extend my knowledge in computers and this course leads up to learning about making video games which I enjoy even more.